Full Name
Mike Jensen
Job Title
Chief Revenue Officer
Kast Media
Speaker Bio
Mike Jensen is the Chief Revenue Officer of Kast Media. Kast Media is one of the fastest-growing independent podcast publishers, reaching over 12 million listeners each month, a leader in the creation of multi-channel podcasts inclusive of both audio and video content.

Before joining Kast, Jensen was VP of Podcast Strategy for iHeartMedia, where he oversaw the development and launch of iHeart Original podcasts. Previously, Jensen led the successful launch of Stitcher advertising, joining in 2013 to create a monetization strategy for the brand, leading to the successful sale of Stitcher to E.W Scripps as Head of Sales in 2016. Jensen’s media experience includes management positions at AOL, Wall Street Journal, and Tribune.

Jensen volunteers his time as a board member of National Disability Institute, a non-profit organization building a better future for people with disabilities and their families. He resides in LA with his wife, Nancy. He continues to showcase his below-average skill set for volleyball, golf, and now tennis (Covid19 discovery) as an outdoor enthusiast when not listening to podcasts.
Mike Jensen